Monday’s Community Summit will be held at the Automattic Lounge. This event is sold out and has a waiting list. Please make sure you are on the summit attendee list before showing up, as this list will be used to make sure we have room for the people who did register. *

We will run shuttles from the contributor hotels starting around 7:30 so we can get everyone there in time. Please eat breakfast before arriving, or step out during the 8am-9am block to grab something from a nearby cafe (Specialty’s is right around the corner).

Time Description
8:00am Check in, stow stuff if desired, open community time
9:00am Opening remarks
9:10am Introductions of contributor teams and non-team community contingents (hosting companies, consulting firms, etc)
9:15am Review Schedule/Area locations, go to discussions
9:30am Discussion Block 1

  1. Multisite Roadmap – Andrew Nacin
  2. Growing the Global & Regional Communities – Siobhan McKeown
  3. What to do about the Plugins Directory/Better Plugin & Theme Support Forums – Daniel Bachhuber/Ed Caissie
  4. Rosetta sites and local communities – Xavier Borderie
  5. Mentorship Programs (related to Mentoring Women and Girls in (and into) WordPress) – Dee Teal
  6. WordCamp Speakers: Diversity, Travel, Reducing Repetition – Andrea Middleton
  7. Strengthening accessibility support in themes and plugins – Morten Rand-Hendricksen
  8. WordPress at Scale – Steven Word
  9. Team Leads/Team Reps – Jen Mylo
  10. Contributing via GitHub – Weston Ruter
10:30 Break
10:45am Discussion Block 2

  1. Future of the JSON API – Jake Spurlock
  2. Future of the Customizer – Weston Ruter
  3. Strengthening Diversity in the WordPress Community – Tracy Levesque
  4. Event Accessibility (related to Should WordCamps supply captioning for talks?) – Joe Dolson
  5. Review and reconsider tenets of the project’s philosophy – Eric Andrew Lewis
  6. How should we improve – Marko Heijnen
  7. Integrating External Communities – Jenny Wong
  8. Better User Documentation – Siobhan McKeown
11:45pm Break
12:15pm Lunch (We are providing)
1:30pm Break
1:45pm Discussion Block 3

  1. Modern JavaScript Development in WordPress – Scott Taylor
  2. WordCamp Sponsorship: rules, recognition, and requests – Andrea Middleton
  3. WordCamp guidelines for parties – Dee Teal
  4. Dealing with Poisonous People – Jen Mylo
  5. Standardizing Metadata – Sam Hotchkiss
  6. Accessibility Roadmaps – a11y team
  7. Plugin Repo for enterprise/scale – Jake Goldman
  8. Future of the design of WP – Michael Arestad
  9. Hosting collaboration and environment variables – Mike Hansen
2:45pm Snack Break
3:00pm Discussion Block 4

  1. Next for Inline Documentation – Drew Jaynes
  2. Professional Developer Onboarding – Steven Word
  3. Core CSS Roadmap (prev. Sass and WordPress Core) – Aaron Jorbin
  4. WP-CLI – Daniel Bachhuber
  5. Tools used/needed for support (bbpress 2.0) – John James Jacoby
  6. WordCamp Speaker Redux – Xavier Borderie
  7. Core i18n/Multilingual – Andrew Nacin
  8. WordCamp site customization – Karl Hudson Phillips
  9. connections/knowledge sharing – Petya Raykovska/Tina Kesova
4:00pm Break
4:15pm No-holds-barred Open Q&A
5:00pm In theory, quick closing remarks before people head out. In reality, we’ll keep the Q&A going as late as 7 if there are still people who want to ask questions.

October 25-26, 2014