Speaking at WordCamp SF

WordCamp San Francisco needs you! We’re looking for speakers from across the WordPress community and across the web to take to the stage and share their stories. Think that’s you? Have someone in mind? Now’s the time to let us know.

Who do we want?

We’re looking for speakers from a broad range of backgrounds to cover all aspects of WordPress, the web, writing, and beyond. We want speakers who inspire rather than instruct, speakers that send our attendees away fired up, ready to do something new and creative. Tutorials abound on the internet; the joy of a great presentation is getting to see someone in the flesh and be inspired.

Previous speakers include:

Nominate a speaker or submit your talk

Did you attend a workshop that left you inspired, energized, and ready to take on the WordPress world? Do you have a story that will light up the WordPress community?

We’re looking for speakers from around the world and across the web. Fill in our speaker nomination and application form with details. We’ll accept speaker nominations and applications until June 30. Speaker nominations and applications are now closed!

Potential speakers who need help covering the travel costs in order to speak at WordCamp SF can apply for travel assistance.