Sunday Contributor Track

Were you wondering how people got the cute little icon buttons they were wearing on their lanyards yesterday? They contributed their time and energy to WordPress, and so can you!

Today in the downstairs room, all the different contributor teams from the WordPress open source project will be working on various projects, and they would love to get you involved. Each table will have a sign indicating which team is working there, so just head over and introduce yourself, and they’ll put you to work. Not sure what each team does? Stop by the Get Involved table┬ánear the Happiness Bar, and you can get more information.

To help the people who like things a little more formal, most of the teams will do a formal introduction to the work they do in the classroom area we’ll have partitioned off in the back part of the room. Here are the approximate times for those introductions — with open source volunteering, it’s a good idea to expect a little flexibility when it comes to timing. ­čÖé

09:00 – Support
09:25 – Docs
09:50 – (inc. Subtitling)
10:15 – Training (creating curriculums)
10:30 – WordCamps/Meetups



14:00 – Theme Review Team
14:35 – Core
15:20 – Translators
15:50 – Meta ( site and tools)
16:15 – GlotPress (translation software development)
16:45 – BuddyPress

If you are interested in subtitling videos for, you’ll want to have a pair of headphones or earbuds.