That’s a Wrap

Thanks for coming to WordCamp SF. We hope you had a wonderful time!

In a few more days we’ll have collected all the recaps and links to the videos so we can post a proper wrap-up. But in the meantime, we sure would be grateful for your feedback. We have two surveys for you here: one for the WordCamp itself, and a separate one just to rate our speakers and give them some valuable input.

Thanks in advance!

One thought on “That’s a Wrap”

  1. I love WordCamp. ANYONE you talk to is someone who is into the same stuff as I am!
    • Lightning talks were wonderful, but many warranted a much longer presentation. Would have loved more info on those I saw.
    • Presentation of 5 min. talks were impressive. The presenters were to a person, so perfectly prepared.
    • Erik Hitter’s talk was perfect. It was the one I loved at 5 minutes that actually did not need more time.

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