What’s for lunch?

Your general admission ticket not only gets you in to Mission Bay Conference Center for two days of inspiring WordPress talks, it also gets you a swanky conference t-shirt and lunch on Saturday and Sunday!

If you have food allergies, dietary restrictions, or just a healthy appetite, you might be wondering what will be served at the buffet tables this weekend. Luckily for you, we’ve posted the lunch menus — including ingredients lists for each dish.

We’ve done our best to create meal options that will mean delicious dining for every attendee at WordCamp SF, regardless of allergies or special diets, but we can’t provide specialized single meals. If you’re unable to eat anything that we’re planning to serve, please plan to arrange your own lunch.  If you have a question about our lunch menu and ingredients list, please fill out the contact form to ask!

One thought on “What’s for lunch?”

  1. Thanks for being so thoughtful! I love that you have fabulous vegan options! You all so completely rock.

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